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Friday, February 27, 2009

Remove Conficker

Before you start begging me to include Conficker removal signature in my very own MLRT, here are the guideline on how to remove it without sorting to my solution. It's works on me. Just give it a try.

Go here and download the latest Microsoft patch (MS08-67 vulnerability patch) to fill in the 'hole'. Click on the operating system that you have. After installation, restart your PC.

Then, go here and download Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Run it.

Check if the problem still persist (for example, your thumbdrive still have that autorun.inf and some weird file with *.vmx extension in the RECYCLER folder). If not, then your problem solved. Else, go to step 4.

4. (optional)
Download this removal tool from Bitdefender to remove the threat.

And there you have it. Please, seriously, use genuine Windows and install updates when available. It won't hurt you one bit if you do so.


Heru Cahaya H said...

It's cool. Thank you.